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November is coming to an end.

As December approaches, Lucca, a charming city in Italy, transforms into a festive wonderland. The city, known for its well-preserved Renaissance walls and cobblestone streets, now sparkles under the glow of Christmas lights. Streets and plazas are adorned with festive decorations, bringing a magical ambiance that only the holiday season can evoke.

The usually bustling tourist season in Lucca begins to wind down this time of year. Pre-Covid, the city would see a significant drop in visitors from November, but this year, the decrease is more gradual. With the festive season in full swing, the city takes on a quieter, more intimate feel, perfect for those who enjoy the serene side of holiday celebrations.

November in Lucca is a spectacle of nature, with leaves changing colors and a crisp, spiced air filling the city. Street corners come alive with the aroma of roasting chestnuts, a scent that is quintessentially autumnal and heartwarmingly delightful. It's also an ideal time for wine enthusiasts. Sipping on red wine during autumn and winter in Lucca is a tradition, and the region's wine tastings are an experience not to be missed.

This year's Thanksgiving was a special affair at Fattoria Sardi in Lucca. Known for its exquisite wine, Fattoria Sardi offered a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner paired with their finest wines. It was a memorable feast, celebrated with gratitude and joy.

As we embrace the holiday season, Lucca stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and warmth of Italian culture, even in the chill of winter. Stay tuned for more tales from this beautiful city, including an exploration of its wine culture in upcoming posts. Until then, let the festive spirit of Lucca inspire your holiday celebrations! 🎄🍷✨

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