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We offer a variety of wine tastings, anywhere from small boutique wineries to a multi-million bottle production. Thanks to this wine tasting experience you will learn the long journey of the wine: from the grape to the bottle. Below are a few of the regions where we offer wine tours.

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Bolgheri has rapidly emerged as the focal point of an exciting and burgeoning wine region. Positioned near the Etruscan Coast, south of Livorno, this town has earned its reputation as a Super Tuscan Mecca, initially propelled by the renowned Sassicaia Wines. Today, Bolgheri boasts a plethora of wineries, each offering unique and exquisite vintages, and we are delighted to present a carefully curated selection for your tasting pleasure.


Brunello di Montalcino undoubtedly stands as one of Italy's most celebrated wines. Crafted from 100% Sangiovese grapes sourced from a single vineyard, it is renowned for its exceptionally smooth profile, making it a standout among red wines.

The hamlet from which this iconic wine hails is equally charming and well worth a visit. In addition, the nearby town of Montepulciano, famed for its Vino Nobile, is another must-see destination for wine enthusiasts exploring the region.

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At The Tuscan Wanderer, we are proud to offer a diverse selection of wine-tasting experiences, ranging from intimate sessions at small boutique wineries to grand tours of large-scale, multi-million-bottle productions.


Through our meticulously curated wine-tasting journeys, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the intricate process of winemaking, from the grape to the bottle. Here are just a few of the renowned regions where we offer our immersive wine tours. renowned regions where we offer our immersive wine tours.

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